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Errol L. Recker, as Trustee of The Errol L. Recker Trust and Manager of
ELR Investments LLC, has researched the following technologies, products and companies.

Researched Companies and Products:

ecoSolv Technologies LLC
Product:ecoagra TM  ecoagra  is a USDA BioPreferred foliar application and listed on its Federal Preferred Program (FP). It is formulated 100% from plant extracts. It has been shown to provide benefits when blended with chemical inputs. Plants grow faster and healthier, while making them less susceptible to pestilence and drought. It also increases BRIX levels (natural sugar levels) where applicable, which adds to crop value.

The ecoSolv Water Enhancement next generation water systems make water more productive by increasing its bioavailability to plant cells. It delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the plant while reducing scaling, harmful salts, and total dissolved solids. The increase in nutrient solubility creates healthier plants and greater yields.

RxP Products, Inc.

Product: RxP – over 30 plus years of studying, correlating and researching was utilized in developing a safe and unique blend of liquid hydrocarbons for gasoline, diesel and bio-fuels. RxP is not an additive, RxP is a treatment; a re-blending of nature’s hydrocarbons to enhance the molecular structure of the combustion burn. RxP causes hydrocarbon based fuels to reach a more rapid rate of excitation when burned. We call itRadiant Containment”.
In other words, with RxP, the fuel that you burn is not going to be wasted or “going up in smoke”… and give this earth cleaner air to breathe.

Product: Patented membrane-based desalination process. Using renewable sources such as solar-thermal, geothermal and industrial co-generation heat, the Oasys process enables a sustainable new approach to fresh water production.

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