THE ERROL L. RECKER TRUST - Investing in Emerging EnvironmentalTechnologies
    Errol L. Recker, Trustee
Mr. Recker formed the family trust in 2001. Mr. Recker was an agriculture major in high school and was honored with a State Farmer Degree with the Future Farmers of America in 1956. He attended Chaffey College, majoring in Agriculture. He attended CalState University, majoring in Business Administration. Mr. Recker served in United States Marine Corps and completed his advanced training in Flight Administration at Memphis Naval Air Station. While attending college in 1958 he obtained his first California Real Estate License. He has been licensed as a California Real Estate Broker since 1963. Mr. Recker's career spans over fifty years. He has a broad background of business experience and has held many senior level management positions:
Niebuhr Construction, Inc., Director of Planning and Finance
Advanced Industry Technology International, Inc., Board Member
American Mobile Home Industries, Inc., Vice President, Board Member
American Equity Management Corporation, Executive Vice President
Mobile Community Investments, Managing General Partner
Coldwell Banker and Company, Commercial Property Investment Consultant
Avco Community Developers, Inc., Project Director of Sales
Pardee Homes, A Weyerhauser Company, Project Sales Manager
Ryland Homes of Southern California, Project Sales Manager
American Consolidated Investments, Investment Partner
Calco Consolidated Properties, Senior Partner
Imperial Hotel Corporation, Chief Executive Officer, Board Member
Timberlake Partners, LLC, Managing Partner
ELR Investments LLC, Manager
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